Which Watch to Wear When


As with many things in fashion, there are rules to your wristwatch game. Watches are one of the most frequently worn accessories and as such you’ll want to make sure your timepiece adds to your outfit, not distracts from it. Not sure where to begin? That’s what we’re here for!

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Watch Categories

First things first, there are several different categories of watches to be familiar with:

1.     Dress Watch

2.     Dive Watch

3.     Sports Watch

4.     Pilot Watch

5.     Field Watch

Levels of Formality

Now depending in which setting you plan to wear a timepiece, will determine which of the above watches is your best choice:

• Black Tie - A formal event requires a formal watch: a dress watch. Simplicity is key, a classic style will go a long way.

• Business Formal - Business formal typically means wearing a dark suit. In this case, a classic dress watch or dive watch would suffice.

• Business Casual - Still business appropriate, but more on the casual side - often lighter colors are worn. So if you plan to wear a light suit or light slacks - a sports watch, a pilot watch, or even a field watch would pair perfectly.

• Casual - Spoiler alert: watches with a metal band or leather strap can BOTH be suitable for casual wear. Feel free to choose your favorite timepiece in any of the above categories and you can’t go wrong!

• Sports - If you want a watch to wear while being physically active, the sports watch is the way to go. Sports watches in particular are made to weather any strenuous and/or physical activities.

Watch Strap and Dial

Finally, we have just one more tip when it comes to pairing your timepieces with an outfit: making sure leather complements leather and metal complements metal. Start by matching your belt and shoes to the color of your wristband - it doesn’t have to be exact, but a similar tone. Then, match the metal case of the watch dial to the metal accents in your outfit - whether that be from your shoes, buttons, or any other accessory you may be wearing. If the metal casing is blacked out, it can be worn with either gold or silver.

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