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 Meet the Father & Son Team behind Central Watch


Vintage Timepieces at Grand Central Watch

If you have a nostalgia for vintage watches, you may want to check out Central Watch at the Grand Central Station in New York. It has a reputation for providing the premier watch repair service in the city. It receives high ratings from customers on Yelp and it was recognized by big-name publications such as The New York Times. Established in 1952 by Max Kivel, Central Watch has been in business for over 60 years and it has been operated by the three generations of Kivels. The experienced staff offers top-notch service as well as sales of vintage watches.

If you visit the Vintage Watches section on the store's website at, you'll see photos of the vintage watch collection. This collection contains top brands, such as Timex, Rolex, and Patek Phillipe as well as other brands like Baume and Mercier and Hamilton. The incentives that the store has offered is pretty generous. It offers 18-month warranty plus the 25% discount on the service of watch for the lifetime of the watch. Customers will take advantage of this incentive for the vintage watches are not cheap. The cheapest one available is approximately $450 or even lower while the highest can go over $6,000. The timepieces are very expensive for average buyers but for vintage watch aficionados, they are worth the price.

Like many other businesses in the 21st century, Grand Central Watch provides options of buying jewelry in store or online. However, it has limited online inventory so if you could not find what you're looking for on the website, you should contact the staff. You should also contact them to obtain pricing and purchasing information on certain vintage timepieces that are extremely rare. In addition to selling and repairing watches, Central Watch also buys them and they must be of high quality.

Throughout many years, Grand Central Watch has undergone major transformation from a small stall in the Grand Central Terminal into a well-known mom-and-pop business that takes up a significant portion of 45th Street Passageway. To learn more about the history of the business and the people who run it, you should go to the following website:  Second- and Third-Generation Watch Repairmen meet the Father and Son Team Behind New York's Most Prolific Watch Repair Shop

You'll be just as impressed with Grand Central Watch itself as you are with its vintage timepieces.