5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Timepiece


Get fit, save money, travel more and stress less; all of which are common New Year's resolutions that are too often broken. While we sincerely hope you follow through on whatever goals you've set for yourself this year, we wanted to offer some additional, practical timepiece inspired resolutions to take into consideration:

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1. Keep Your Watch Clean: Just like you would clean your jewelry, your watch should be no different. Using a microfiber cloth, clean off any smudges, dust, oil or accumulated dirt as this can cause premature wear. Remember, metal watch straps CAN be cleaned carefully with water - but avoid getting leather straps wet.

2. Service Your Timepiece: Much like you would bring your car in for an oil change, your watch also needs regular maintenance. Bringing your watch for service is the best way to maintain your timepiece for years (or generations) to come! 

3. Look into Storage Options: When not on your wrist, your watch needs a home. Instead of laying it on your nightstand or dresser, make sure its stored properly - like in its original box. If you no longer have the box or are just looking for ways to eliminate clutter, consider purchasing a designated watch box to safely keep and display your collection. For those of you with automatic watches - a watch winder is a great investment to keep your timepiece working when not worn for long periods of time. Finally, for those always on the go - a watch roll is best for keeping your favorite timepieces safe while en route! 

4. Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Both extreme hot and cold temperatures can harm the inner workings of your timepiece, from reducing battery life to affecting the viscosity of the lubricants. Avoid leaving your timepiece in a cold car this winter or hot car this summer!

5. Understand Water Resistance: Remember, watches aren't waterproof. Waterproof implies that no water or moisture could get into a watch to damage the movement; however, in certain circumstances - it can happen. The good news is that most watches can withstand some water and that’s where water resistance comes in. Read your owners manual or check the caseback of your watch to see how much water it can actually handle. Water resistant 30 Meters or 3 ATM timepieces can withstand splashes while watches marked 200 Meters or 20 ATM can handle professional marine activity or serious surface water sports!

At Central Watch, our goal is to provide expert watch repair and exemplary customer service at reasonable prices. If you have any questions or concerns about the care and maintenance of your watches, we are always happy to help! Give us a call at 212-685-1689 today.