• Excellent Job
    Thank you so much for the excellent job you did in repairing my vintage Hamilton watch. Everything that you promised was achieved in the stated time frame and the care and packaging of my watch upon return was truly impressive. It reflected the care you provide the items entrusted to you. I have been a client for many years purchasing watch bands and straps and would not hesitate to use your services and to recommend you to others.Many thanks.
    Martin Pilachowski
    Baltimore, MD

    Martin P - 03/05/17

  • Richard Kops - Concord, CA
    While visiting NYC last week for the Five Boro Bike Tour my sport watch strap holder broke and fell off the watch. The next step would have been loss of my favorite watch, but Central Watch came to the rescue. In three minutes I had a replacement strap holder and a secure time piece. No charge at all and a smiling staff to boot.This was certainly over the top for this former NY native. Central Watch-You Rock!!

    Location: Concord, CA

    Richard Kops - 05/13/14

  • John Moore - Vero Beach, Florida
    What a wonderful job the team at Central Watch has done in preserving some family treasures! They were presented with some unique challenges in getting a 1930's Longines aviator watch back up to speed. The watch belonged to my grandfather, a pilot in WWII. My mother gave it to me when I became a pilot. Now, I'll have the watch forever. Thanks, guys for the wonderful, attentive and responsive service!
    Location: Vero Beach, Florida

    John Moore - 05/19/12

  • Bram - Ridgewood, NY
    my 1939 Rolex that ran twice the speed it should, had a complete overhaul at central watch. After a couple of weeks it runs like it's brand new and the casing is all polished up. And they even found me an original crown, it looks so good I barely dare to wear it. They also threw in a complimentray new leather band, after getting a watch like this repaired I am convinced it will run another 75 years.thanks

    Bram - 05/09/12

  • Peter E. Gradilone
    Nearly 90 years ago an elegant gentleman from Germany arrived at Ellis Island to begin a new life in this country. He arrived with a few possessions, among them his reliable Favor pocket watch. Uncle Carl, as he was known by my family, arrived as a tenant at my grandmothers home, in Ridgewood, Queens, and soon became a second father to my mother, aunt and uncle. His kindness, and generosity of spirit helped hold the family together dung the Great Depression. I was recently honored with Uncle Carls watch. My mother, at 92, wanted it taken care of and passed down to the next generation, along with the story of Uncle Carl.

    After sitting quietly for 40 years since Carl's passing the watch was restored magnificently to its original beauty and function by your most capable team at Central Watch. Those friends and family who have seen the timepiece agree that it is a simply "stunning" achievement. It is a joy to see and hear the watch keep time as it did for a much beloved member of our family nearly a century ago. Again, thank you all for the rare and special work that you do.


    Peter E. Gradilone

    Peter E. Gradilone - 02/13/12

  • Dan - New York City
    Steve and his team and Central Watch did an amazing job not only in servicing my grandfather's 1940s Seafarer but also finding a rare pusher matching the originals to replace one that was missing. The watch came back looking beautifully clean and working great! Steve also took the time to speak with me about caring for the watch, the process of the work they'd done and he helped me pick out a new strap. Thanks for everything, I'll defnitely be back

    Dan - 02/09/12

  • Gary - Manhattan
    Fifty years ago my father gave me a sturdy Patek as a 21st birthday present and I have worn it as my everyday watch ever since. (I care a lot for it, natch.) Several months ago, through a piece of amazing carelessness, I took it swimming in fresh water while on holiday and because of circumstance, I could not get it back to Central Watch for 4 days. I gave it to Steve at 8:30AM (he was pessimistic about what he would find), and by the time I got to the office 30 minutes later, he had an email on my desk with a photo of the damage (gut wrenching). Becuase of its personal value to me I gave him carte blanche to do his best to bring it back from the dead. The final cost was more than a few bucks to be sure as it took them two months but it was entirely reasonable. The watch is like new. A miracle. Those guys are my heroes.

    Garry - 02/09/12

  • Alexander - Manhattan
    Words can't describe the satisfaction when dealing with Central Watch and Steve. I have bought watches from Central Watch when in New York but have such high regard and confidence when dealing with Steve, that I bought a Rolex for my son's 40th birthday sight unseen over the phone.I love dealing with Central Watch They are the best!

    Alexander - 01/29/12

  • Margie - Manhattan
    I purchased a beautiful vintage watch from Steve at Central Watch who couldn't have been more helpful or lovely!! He made sure I got a fair price and serviced and prepared my watch for me, answered all my questions and was just a joy to deal with. Thank you!

    margie - 12/08/11

  • Valerie - Manhattan
    When my beloved father died last summer, I received a Vacheron Constantin which my adored maternal grandfather had given him in the mid1950s. Last summer, the watch looked as though its time had come and gone, but I wanted it repaired anyway. At first, I took it to a well-known jeweler and after 6 months was nowhere- no estimate, no work, no interest. Then I brought the VC to Central Watch. Every step of the significant restoration was detailed as to time and cost, and the watch and its new owner were treated with respect and courtesy. The end result is magnificent: A most beautiful timepiece come back to life, ticking with love and memories of generations past. Thanks to all of you for your competence and your kindness.

    Valerie - 08/31/11

  • Michael Cohen - Fort Lee, NJ
    I have had deaings with Central Watch, buying watches & repairs, for the past 25 years. I mainly dealt with Larry & now Steve, both of whom are top professionals & whom I now consider friends. I recently had my 50 year old Rolex Oyster refurbished & it now looks like new, thanks to Steve and his crew..I wish them all continuing success and recommend anyone who needs watch repair to visit Central Watch. You will be happy you did!

    michael cohen - 06/27/11

  • Richard - New York
    Central watch did a wonderful job for cleaning my watch! The service is very excellent and trustworthy. I would recommend for all my friends to have their precious watches to have it serviced thru Crentral wartch. Ask for steve, he is person who can help you. Thank you very much!

    Richard - 06/15/11

  • Joseph (Joe) Gordon - UN, Midtown NYC
    Grand Central Watch repairs is run by a family of consummate profesionals who believe in watches, and like perfect time-pieces, they deliver a perfect service. What makes them different from other watch repair services is that they care and take a personal interest in every job they take on. I have an old omega that I bought with my first salary 42 years ago it still works and keeps good time but was getting a bit worn and needed a service. Steve at GCW promised that he would treat it like one of his own and bring it back to newness, and true to his word he renovated my omega beyond anything I could have expected or hoped for. Steve remembers me whenever I return for this or that (or perhaps it's just the watch?) but whichever, I always feel like I want to return. Signed: A very grateful customer.

    Joseph (Joe) Gordon - 06/13/11

  • John Sepe - NYC
    Amazing as always. I have had 2 Rolex watches fully serviced there and they have always come back WAY beyond my expectations. Like they were brand new!

    John Sepe - 05/26/11

  • Bob Farnam - New York , New York
    StevePlease accept my great thanks for your work on my Omega watch. It was my father's, a wedding gift from my mother in 1939, and he wore it most of his life except when he wanted me to wear it while serving as a United Staes Marine. It was bequeathed to me and worn occasionally, but when it stopped recently I had to decide whether to retire the 70 plus year old heirloom or keep it running. With the excellent reviews I've read about you in various publications, I decided on the latter.I could not have been more pleased yesterday to hold it again, seeing it as it must have looked the day it was new-I certainly had never seen it look that good ( immaculate face, clear crystal, gleaming case)-and more importantly - running well.I'd urge anyone who is facing the same decison - not to hesitate.Again, thanks for the great result.Best to you, Bob

    Bob Farnam - 05/25/11

  • Joseph Hobaica - Brooklyn, NY
    Steve,I want to thank you, once again, for the wonderful attention Central Watch has shown me. From the '55 LeCoultre that was fished out of the back of my late father's dresser to my grandfather's '54 Hamilton, a gift for 25 years of service to the Dunlop Tire Factory(!), you have brought these heirlooms and treasures back to life for my family. While we may wear them for the time being, they will be passed down, and when they need service, they will be brought back to your shop. Thank you for everything. Best,Joseph Hobaica

    Joseph Hobaica - 05/25/11

  • Mary Ellen - NYC
    I brought my grandmother's watch, a 1920's espirit, to be fixed. It had been in a drawer for about 50 years. I was grateful for the care, the focus, and compliments on its beauty, and the whole group's delight with the finished watch. They cared about the watch as an object of beauty, as well as a time piece. I couldn't have asked for a more caring, considerate, responsive, and delightful experience. I won't trust my watches to any other repair place!

    Mary Ellen - 05/25/11

  • Mike
    I just wanted to drop you a line with the highest compliments.

    Your organization provides old school service and it is rare these days to run into that. You have done a great job on everything I have sent to you.

    However, the full service work on my father-in-law's Tag Heuer had my whole family talking excitedly for hours when we received it. You may recall my talking with you and wondering whether that watch was even worth that level of service or even waterproofing. We had no idea that not only would the watch come back fully waterproofed, but that it would look practically brand new. AMAZING!

    My father-in-law has a business with thousands of clients. Anyone who has a liking for watches that talks to him or talks to me will be referred to you in the future. The work you do is of tremendous quality and the customer service and packaging is second to none.

    Thanks again! More watches are on the way!

    Mike - 05/02/11

  • Odessa
    I met the Kivel Family, as a youngster. My great-aunt, Lillian McGovern., was a customer. I probably met Steve's grand-father when I was about 8 years old and I am now 70 years young. Really, it seemed to me it did not matter if your watch was vintage or practical...all timepieces were treated with respect and professionalism! It is a pleasure to do business with the Kivel's...there is a sense of belonging...a courtesy that extends to all ...their devotion to excellence is rare in the service industry today! They care where others do not!! I wish them all the success that they deserve!Sincerely,Odessa

    Odessa - 04/30/11

  • Steve Leader - New York, New York, USA
    Dear Steve - After 40 years of bringing in watches for relacement bands, minor repairs, I entrusted you with an unusual vintage automatic Wakmann Lemania calendar watch made by Breitling. This was a watch I had long sought, and I passed on many "candidates." Ultimately, I secured one on ebay, anticipating that It would require a major overhaul, including hard-to-find parts replacement. You validated that via your estimate and e-mail. At the tail end of the estimated time frame you provided me to repair the watch, you e-mailed me to advise that the watch was ready, and that your work was "a labor of love." Indeed it was! The watch is beautiful, the workmanship superb, and the time-keeping as you promised. I am thrilled with the outcome, proud to wear my "newest addition," and attribute all accolades to you to those who ask about the watch. Wishing you only good things.

    Appreciatively, Steve Leader

    Steve Leader - 04/22/11

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