Commonly Asked Questions

Q: Do you sell new watches?

A: The majority of watches we sell are pre-owned watches with the exception of the following micro brands - Dan Henry, Baltic and Lorier watches. The watches we sell from each of the listed microbrands are new.

Q: Do you buy watches?

A: Yes we do! Come to our store if you are interested in selling your watch. We are happy to evaluate it for purchase.

Q: Do you change watch straps?

A: Yes we sell and change watch straps.

Q: How much does it cost to have my watch appraised?

A: We are glad to provide appraisals free of charge with any complete service.  The price for an appraisal alone starts at $125 and varies according to the value of the watch.  We complete a full inspection of the watch and document all of our findings on a certificate suitable for insurance purposes. 

Q: How long will my warranty last if I get a complete service?

A: Following a complete service, your watch will remain under limited warranty for 24 months. Grand Central Watch’s warranty does not cover owner damage/miss-use of the watch.

Q: Will my watch be under warranty if I get a partial service?

A: No. There is no warranty on a partial service.

Q: How long will my service take?

A: It depends on the type of watch and age. If your watch needs service or repair, you will receive a quote 72 hours after we receive your watch. This quote will outline everything from cost to how long we expect the repair to take. This can be anywhere from 1 -9 weeks.

Q. How will I know when my watch is done?

A. When your watch is ready you will receive an email and a phone call letting you know it is ready for pick up. If you mailed in your watch, you will receive an email asking for a return shipping address.

Q. Do I need to leave my watch for an estimate?

A. Yes. In order to properly evaluate your watch's needs - how much it will cost, and how long it will take, we will need to have a watchmaker evaluate it. This process cannot be rushed. We assure you your watch will be in good hands.

Q: If I choose not to do the service, how long will my estimate be good for?

A: Your estimate will remain on file for 3 months. After 3 months you will need to leave your watch for a new estimate as price parts change and the cost of service fluctuates.

Q: How long should my watch battery last?

A: In a healthy watch, a battery should last roughly a year. Anything less than that, is a sign that the circuitry is aging and requires additional servicing.

Q: What happens if I try a battery and the watch still does not work?

A: If we change the battery on your watch and it still does not run you will not be charged for the battery service.  We can provide an estimate for complete service upon request.

Q: Is my watch water resistant?

A:  Many modern watches are designed to meet various levels of water resistancy.  Even if your watch was manufactured to that standard, the seals that establish water resistance need to be maintained.  The gaskets and seals that keep the watch watertight, dry and decay over time allowing moisture to penetrate the case.  It is imperative to change those seals in any watch that is exposed to excessive moisture on a regular basis.