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While you may know us for our watch repair or vintage timepiece selection - those aren’t our only specialties. We also offer a variety of jewelry repair and maintenance services to keep your entire accessories collection intact. 

From resizing and fixing your gold chain to resetting precious gemstones and polishing family heirlooms, our team of experts can do it all. 

Repairs include:
Earrings  •  Bracelets  •  Chains  •  Resizing  •  Clean & Polish  •  Clasp Replacement  •  Secure Stones  •  Appraisals  •  Chain Soldering
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Regular maintenance is important for both your timepieces and your fine jewelry. Proper jewelry care will extend its life, by addressing areas of wear and tear thus preventing the loss of diamonds or stones. Plus, as anyone with family heirlooms can attest, proper care is key to being able to pass on items from generation to generation. Rest assured - we’ve been working with precious pieces since 1952 and thoroughly understand that they are meant to be treated with the utmost care. You can trust your family’s beloved heirlooms in our hands!

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Friday, October 7, 2016

Baume & Mercier New Ladies Collection: Petite Promesse

As Baume & Mercier knows all too well - “life is about moments.” This motto still rings true in their newest collection, Petite Promesse for women. The new women’s collection combines confidence, charisma, and elegance so women can celebrate their life in style.
With the increase in female population, income, and in turn purchasing power, luxury watchmakers have increasingly recognized the importance of women as a key target audience for their products. Baume & Mercier understood the importance of creating a timepiece for women back in 2014 with the successful launch of their Promesse line. The Petite Promesse line follows, with a strong style and miniature and playful look, it is marketed as the ideal companion for a woman.
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Photo via Baume & Mercier Press Release

The Look
The Petite Promesse collection includes three watches to adhere to the different styles, character, and moods of a woman. The timepieces have a 22 millimeter case, in either oval or round, with a diamond bezel, mother of pearl dial, and diamonds placed at the 6 and 12 o’clock indexes. Finished with a stainless steel, cobalt leather, or bright orange leather wrap around straps, each watch creates a unique and modern look.
According to Baume & Mercier, three talented stylists will represent three different timepieces based on three different personalities: powerful, playful, and mischievous. Look out for the collaboration at the Fashion Forward Dubai SS17 event on October 21-23.
To view the full Petite Promesse collection, visit baume-et-mercier.com.
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