What's the difference between a fake service and a real service?


What really happens when you bring your watch in for service?  Most of us can’t answer that question.  We don’t really understand the process, we just want it to work.  The fact is there is a huge difference between a momentary fake fix and an actual service.  Let’s say you have a small leak under your sink.  A little duct tape might get you through a few days, but it won’t actually fix the problem in any sort of lasting way.  This video illustrates exactly why a true service of your watch is a sound investment that protects not only the function, but the value of your watch.  Being knowledgeable about the service history of watch is the best protection when investing in a luxury vintage timepiece.  Almost daily we have customers who bring us high end watches purchased from various websites and shops that look beautiful on the outside.  We open them up and find disasters on the inside.  The seller has done just enough to make them run for a while, what we unaffectionately call a fake service, leaving the buyer with a costly repair just around the corner.  Like buying a car with a gorgeous paint job, new leather seats and a rusty engine and a bad transmission.  It might look great, but you didn’t exactly get that shiny new macine you paid for.  The best defense is knowledge.  This video tells you all you need to know, the right questions to ask and the answers you want to hear before you buy.  At Grand Central Watch, we really have been doing this longer than anybody.  We know the tricks of the trade, the shortcuts people use to lure in a quick sale and most importantly, the right way to service a watch so it’s a lasting restoration rather than just a quick fix.  We’re happy to share all our knowledge with you.  Watch this video, see the whole process and learn everything you need to know to buy wisely and protect your watch for years to come.