Family History


In 1952 a handshake secured a deal that secured Central Watch’s place in Grand Central Terminal.  Max Kivel was an immigrant entrepreneur watchmaker looking for a way to support his young family and carve out his own piece of the American dream.  He had a feeling that Grand Central was a good place for a watch repair business.  Everyone there was in a rush and they all absolutely had to be on time.  He had no way of knowing then that three generations later, our family would still be working in that same spot pursuing that same dream.  We know Max would be proud of his son Lawrence, as well as his grandson, Steven, for embracing the challenge of running and expanding the business he started so long ago.  In March, Lawrence will retire marking the end of one chapter in our history. Steven continues to run Central Watch for his children.  This interview between father and son shows Lawrence’s unique perspective on his lifetime at Central Watch