Family History Meets World History


Often times we find that major historical events serve as catalysts for events in our personal lives and alter the course of family histories.  It follows that historical watches can become integral parts of the collection of heirlooms that tell the stories of our ancestors.  This is the case with the watches described in this video.  It tells the story of two important pieces recently restored by Central Watch.  One, a watch worn by the customer's father. The other, a watch removed from a German soldier during World War II by an uncle she never met.  He died during the Battle of the Bulge and this watch is the only link she has to him and his experiences as a US soldier.  Amazingly, Central Watch was able to return to these pieces to their original glory.  It is important that she is able to wear these pieces and have a tanglible link to the loved ones in her past.  It is perhaps more important that she will use them to tell more than the time, she will use them to tell the story of who they belonged to, bringing their history to live once again.