Watch Stories


Grand Central Terminal is the beating heart of Manhattan.  Millions of commuters and tourists pass through it&rsquos many doors in a constant stream of endless motion. A myriad of trains and subways constantly pulsing travelers through the magnificent space, New York City and the suburbs beyond.  Standing on the stairway, looking down at the chaos, the people become like pixels, moving through the streaming light, each with their own destination, their own purpose, an intention that must be timed perfectly.  Making that train determines whether or not a meeting is made, a date kept, an opportunity seized.  There is simply no place where seconds matter more.  Our job is to guard those precious seconds.  We are Central Watch.  Three generations of our family have spent over 65 years keeping the Grand Central Terminal community running on time.  As the premier watch service center in New York City, we have repaired and maintained hundreds of thousands of watches.  What we have found in all those years is that watches tell more than time.  They are vessels for the history they witness.  Each one has a story to tell. This blog will tell those stories.