ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''
* This watch is warranted for five years by Waldan Watches. *

ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''

Brand: Waldan Watches
Model Name: ONYX Black Heritage ''Professional''

Reference #: 0196B
Crystal: Treated flat sapphire crystal - Anti-reflective
Case Size: 40mm - x 8.6mm thickness x 20mm lug width.
Band: Genuine Nero Elbamatt leather strap, stainless steel buckle.
Material: Stainless Steel
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistant: Yes

Status: New
Warranty: Five year warranty by Waldan Watches

Price: $299.99

About the Watch

This watch has a mixed finish with polished case and brushed lugs and is water resistant up to 5ATM.

All Heritage ''Professional" watches feature an Ameriquartz ® cal. 70200. At the forefront of innovation, the cal. 70200 is an American Made quartz movement, uniquely made of robustly machined metal components. Each movement is hand assembled and tested in the United States and is also fully serviceable. The cal. 70200 is designed with key advances to the construction of the movement, such as jeweled bearings which provide minimized friction as well as better capillary attraction of the oils - which results in a longer service and shelf life. Use of SMD (Surface Mounted Device) technology in the ECB (Electronic Circuit Board) provides higher efficiency and a smaller physical footprint inside the movement as well.

About the Brand

Waldan is a privately and family owned, American watch brand based out of New York, NY, founded in 1979 by unsung master watchmaker Oscar Waldan. Waldan learned the skill of watchmaking in the Buchenwald Concentration Camp during World War II, repairing watches for the Nazi guards as a means of survival. Starting anew in the United States in 1946, he tenaciously developed a lifelong career for himself in the Swiss watch industry. Oscar began working for and eventually designing watches for companies like Tissot and Universal Geneve and working alongside mentors such as Gerald Genta and Roger Haas.

In the late 70’s, with the introduction of quartz, a great shift began in Switzerland. Waldan saw this as an opportunity and purchased stockpiles of mechanical movements that were being pushed to extinction by the advent of quartz. He eventually went on to design watches with these movements acquired, which were then sought after and ordered in limited quantities by companies like Tiffany and Co.., Ulysse Nardin and Neiman Marcus. These private label watches were secretly stamped with a hallmark on the inside casebook denoting them as official “Waldan Creations”.

In the 1990’s Oscar introduced the Waldan Classics collection, a series of high end Chronograph and Chronometeer wristwatches that were the apex of his design career. Rare and sought after, these watches were crafted using only the highest tier components to match Oscar’s timeless design aesthetic.

Now, with the next generation of the Waldan family, Oscar's son Andrew Waldan is carrying the torch and in the process, reshaping the brand. He is honoring the footsteps and history of his father's American Dream story by rebranding and beginning anew as an American watch brand, based in New York where his father laid his roots. Despite the change, Waldan’s brand values have not. No longer made in Switzerland, Waldan remains committed to quality and brings that dedication to crafting timeless watches with a high value proposition to now be designed, made (with mixed domestic and imported parts), individually hand assembled and tested in the United States, and powered by the first American made movements commercially available in decades, all at a new accessible price point for the brand. Waldan remains commited to contributing to the re-emerging American watch industry, and looks to reduce the use of foreign parts on a year by year basis.

This evolution asserts Waldan’s commitment to modernize and evolve while never forgetting the design elements, ethos, storytelling and quality craftsmanship that make a watch a Waldan.